The product is brought to the ideal temperature for slicing (between 0°/ -5°C) and placed in trays in a modified atmosphere. The trays are then labelled and both the product and packaging are checked. Last steps: packing into boxes and storage.


    Colour: muscle and lean mass: bright pink; fat: white. Taste: mainly mild. Smell: typical.


    Store at a temperature of + 2°/+ 4°C.
    Shelf life: 50 days. Leave the pack open for a few minutes before serving. Does not contain allergens. GMOs: there are no ingredients originating in whole or in part from genetically modified organisms. Gluten free and dairy free.

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Fette X Fette

From a precise choice made by Casa Montorsi, which has believed, for generations, in work done well, in the most suitable areas of the food valley, in human and professional heritage; the guarantee and quality of all production phases: from the choice of the raw material, to the cutting, selection and packaging of the product in the factory.

Casa Montorsi therefore offers cold cuts in trays “Fette x Fette” always fresh, guaranteed, Gluten Free, as tasty as if freshly cut, safe and practical and distinguished by attractive packaging. The cold cuts “Fette x Fette” are available in different sizes (from 100gr and more), from the most traditional flavours to tasty and appetizer mixes, always fresh and available, perfect for snacks, aperitivi, and more structured recipes.

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