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Casa Montorsi offers a wide selection of high quality cold cuts to whet even the most demanding and refined palates. Discover our product lines for every taste!

Cured Prosciutto

The core business of Casa Montorsi. All the skills gained by experience, all the care of enthusiastic experts, all the flavours of tradition, a wide range of cured ham to satisfy even the most demanding and refined palates.  Each Casa Montorsi prosciutto includes a history of perfect balance between:

  • wise and careful selection of fresh thighs;
  • the microclimate of the hilly and mountainous areas (where our factories are), where the prosciutto rests during curing;
  • the Salting, an essential part of curing, which determines the character and flavour of the prosciutto;
  • the expertise of the process which gives it a pleasant shape.                                                                               

Raw-cured prosciutto is available in different shapes and types: whole, boneless, pressed and washed, trimmed, with bone, stuccoed, with black pepper, with red chilli, reserve, Gran Riserva, half, piece, chunk, high cut, slab, all delicacies to savour.

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the “Buon Montorsi”

The culatta with rind, the flagship of Casa Montorsi, is obtained from the most selected cut of the leg, without removing its natural rind, the great processing skill using methods carefully preserved for generations. The delightful flavour is a natural consequence of a skilful and accurate curing process, where the uniqueness of the microclimate of these mountainous areas, the combination of mist, hot summer sun and the influential breeze of the river Panaro, are the only secrets of this sweet delicacy.

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Cold Cuts

From a precise choice made by Casa Montorsi, which has believed, for generations, in work done well, in the most suitable areas of the food valley, in human and professional heritage; the guarantee and quality of all production phases: from the choice of the raw material, to the cutting, selection and packaging of the product in the factory. Casa Montorsi therefore offers cold cuts in trays, always fresh, guaranteed, Gluten Free, as tasty as if freshly cut, safe and practical. The ranges Sapori di Casa and Fette XFette are available in different traditional flavours. Casa Montorsi offers cold cuts in different sizes (with fixed weight and variable weight) to suit all requirements: from 60g to 100g and from 110g up to 500g.

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Whole Cold Cuts

Casa Montorsi cold cuts, accurately selected, are characterised by different tastes and flavours, deliberately offered according to the most typical local recipes. Strolghino represents the top of the range, being the result of a thorough search for the best raw materials, expertly processed according to the best traditions.

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Special packs

The special packs, although usually associated to special occasions, represent one of the most wanted and traditional ways to give delicatessen as a gift. For this, Casa Montorsi offers various combinations containing authentic delicacies in accurate and surely surprising packaging for special gifts.

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CASA MONTORSI continues to expand its product range to enhance value and service. In fact, it also includes packs of 2x40g PANCETTA cubes in the variants MILD PANCETTA and SMOKED PANCETTA. A practical and convenient solution which allows you to make delicious meals every day!

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