The Company

Casa Montorsi: guardians of good food for five generations.

We produce and sell hams and typical cold cuts of the Modena area, local flavours that put the joy in good food!

Our secret ingredients: the fresh air of the hills and the expert hands of our men, guardians of the family delicatessen tradition. We have kept these secrets for over five generations, using them in our business and creating unique, quality products.

Tradition and modernity coexist in our work, to offer connoisseurs the finest quality meats. Quality and service are in fact the heart of our business, offering also accurate packaging and timely delivery.

Casa Montorsi è in Via Frignanese, 137 - 41058 Vignola (MO)
Tel. 059 774107 - e-mail

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The history

Our history is the history of our local products and of the passion that the Montorsi family has pursued for over five generations. It is the history of our prestigious brand which has passed on unchanged values over time, until today.

commited to the quality

The quality of our products comes from the strong bond we have with our territory, where tradition is important. In Acquaria di Montecreto (MO), at over 800 metres above sea level, there is an oasis of peace where our specialities and raw materials come from.

Then, the products are processed in area of the beautiful hills of Vignola (MO), where our modern and equipped factory can be found, in which our tastiness takes shape!